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Paint Material Safety Data Sheets

Paint Material Safety Data Sheets

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Aquacryl (updated 09/12/2016)


Craft Paint

Fabric Paint  (updated 14/12/2016)



Liquicryl  (updated 05/12/2016)



Rainbow  (updated 16/08/2017) 



Liquitemp(updated 05/12/2016)


Washable Watercolours

Washable Watercolours (updated 14/12/2016)

Glitter Washable Watercolour (updated 14/12/2016)


Paints for the Skin

Finger Paint (updated 07/12/2016)

Face Paint(updated 14/11/2016)

Fantasy Face Paint 


Tempera Powder Paint (updated 21/12/2016)

Tempera Plus Paint

Tempera Blocks and Discs (updated 29/02/2012)

Splash Classroom Acrylic (updated 29/11/2016)

UV Glow Paint(updated 14/12/2016)

Glitter Paint (updated 14/12/2016)

Paint Boxes 

Paint Stamper Pads (updated 23/02/2017)